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mai 08

(English) Saying Goodbye

avril 05

(English) Stanley Cup Predictions

avril 01

(English) The icing on the cake

févr. 06

(English) Hectic Times for a Fourth Year

janv. 21

(English) Hockey Is BACK!

Living in residence, you can always find something to do. Whether it is go to the games room to play some ping pong or pool, go to the study rooms and get some work done, or simply hang out with your friends, there is ALWAYS something going on. Unfortunately, when the NHL was locked out, …

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déc. 03

Man my upper lip is COLD!!

As most of you may know, November has turned into a month where guys and girls across the world join in to help support the fight for Men’s Health. Movember has become an international success and it is quite a unique fundraiser. You could tell just by walking across campus that Laurentian staff and students …

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nov. 12

(English) OPEN HOUSE!!!!!

This past weekend I had the honour of representing Laurentian at the annual fall Open House on campus. Basically the goal of the Open House is to have prospective students come from all over to see what campus looks like and get a sense for what life is like in Sudbury, Ontario. The day started …

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oct. 29

(English) It’s never too late

As most of you may know, (and even if you don’t, fear not I am about to tell you anyways) this is my last year in my Sports Administration undergrad program. I am not going to start with the sappy stuff just yet, that will come later in the year, but I feel as though …

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oct. 02

(English) Ontario University Fair and Surprise Visits to Pub!

sept. 24

Let the craziness begin!

Wowzers, what a busy few weeks of school! Between move in days, frosh week, rez events and everything else going on campus, there hasn’t really been time to breathe! I’ve been trying to think about everything that’s been going on and how to describe it to all of you but really there has been so …

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