May 30

Reflections :)

A week has passed since the amazing experience at ISWI. It was definitley not what I expected. Just like Congress in Turkey last year I met alot of lifelong friends, maybe some co-workers in future years, and a whole bunch of inspiration in one week. The main difference between Congress and ISWI was that I had the unique opportunity to dedicate my days learning about other cultures and different ways of living. Aside from formal education, I think that travelling and making new experiences for yourself such as this one are key factors in education.

What Culture means to me :)

The closing ceremonies were at times funny and at times had all 400 students in tears. We had a sing along to my all time favourite song Imagine, got to watch an African dance, and my forum was able to debut our fabulous movie about that fish that went everywhere learning about the freedoms and non-freedoms of all different countries.

Heres the thing: Im free in Canada, I love Canada, but Canada is unlike alot of other countries. Some countries refuse the right for freedom of speech and expression, and the freedom to be yourself is denied. One downfall I have found out about Canada with the Freedom factor, however, is that compared to alot of other countries, our education rate is WAY high. For example… The price of education in Germany: 50 euro. The price of education in Poland: Free. I dont think that all students in Canada have the freedom for education because, in all brutal honesty, our tuition is too high. If you agree with me, maybe take part!