Apr 01

The Annual Gerry Lougheed Jr. Volunteer Appreciation Dinner!!

Hey Guys!


So I just came back from the annual Gerry Lougheed Jr. Volunteer Appreciation Dinner that happens in the Great Hall and it is safe to say that wherever there is free food, there will be starving students that are more than happy to attend. But in all seriousness, the yearly dinner is a time for the residence community to really give a thank you to everyone who helped raise so much money for charity throughout the year. This year we were extremely fortunate to set new records for fundraising amounts, with over $6000 raised for Big Brothers and Big Sisters, $9000 for the Terry Fox Foundation, and over $21 000 for the Northern Cancer Research Foundation. I can honestly say that it is amazing what a group of people can do when they put their mind to it!


At this dinner, the Gerry Lougheed Jr. Volunteer of the Year award is also announced. This award basically goes to the person who constantly goes above and beyond all expectations and really makes a difference in the residence community. There were plenty of deserving candidates, but there was one that stuck out from the crowed. Kelsey Marshman deserves this award. I have been lucky enough to become good friends with her throughout the year and let me tell you, she exemplifies exactly what this award represents. Kelsey is always willing to help out anyone no matter what the situation, and always brightens up a room when she walks in. An example of Kelsey’s generosity is when there was an NHL 12 (video game for ppl who do not know :P ) tournament. She went out and purchased a bunch of snacks and baked some of the best brownies I have ever tasted….sorry Mom! But she never complained about doing anything and was more than happy to host the tournament on her floor in residence as well. Kelsey, you are extremely deserving of this award and I know that I speak on behalf of all the students. You are incredible and make Laurentian a better place. So CONGRATS GURRRLLL!!!!!


We were also blessed to have two special guests at this dinner. Gerry Lougheed Jr. was in attendance and gave a nice speech to the students. It is always an amazing experience when Mr. Lougheed speaks and this time wasn’t any different. Dominic Giroux, the President of Laurentian University was also in attendance and thanked the students for all of their hard work. President Giroux also made an announcement that sent the crowed of students into a roar. He announced that next year the school will have a Starbucks on campus! It is always a pleasure to have either Mr. Lougheed or Dominic Giroux speak to a group of students so thank you to both of you, or merci if you will (French Immersion is paying off!!)


As for me, I am just working on some assignments to wrap up the semester, and then into exam mode. I’ll save my sappy end of the year blog for another time though!


Blog ya later!!